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Anyone else in those 'knicker checking' very early weeks?

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nicolamumof3 Sat 06-Nov-10 17:21:38

found out this week im 4weeks pregnant with dc4 over the moon but so so nervous til i get to that 'magic 12' Anyone else??

Julezboo Sat 06-Nov-10 17:55:24

I still am knicker checking at 26 weeks !!

notnearlyasblondasiwas Sat 06-Nov-10 17:58:58

Me! I found out this morning, and am in complete shock! It is so stressful isn't it (especially when you keep feeling a bit ahem moist) is there a thread for us due in July yet?

nicolamumof3 Sat 06-Nov-10 18:07:47

Julez i've always been the same too..but this early more likely so more scary!

wow notnearly..lovely news congratulations to you! Im due 17th jul

bananarama05 Sat 06-Nov-10 21:04:06

I'm 10 weeks and I'm most definitely still at it!

kalo12 Sat 06-Nov-10 21:12:42

can i join too. i found out 4 days ago - no symptoms yet but have had two mcs in last year so v stressed.

had some sympotoms / nausea / moody but they have now gone. is it poss to get some implantation symptoms thatthen fade for a bit?

NeedToSleepZZZ Sat 06-Nov-10 21:23:58

Julez I'm 26 weeks and also checking but now it's in case of waters breaking (discharge probs, sorry TMI! blush )

I think it's really normal to check all the time, esp at first. I also got addicted to POAS, how I managed to get anything done is beyond me!

nicolamumof3 Sat 06-Nov-10 21:29:31

lol, im trying to resist re testing done two already this week!

bessie26 Sun 07-Nov-10 17:54:33

I'm 17wks and still checking. After 2mc & now plenty of CM I suspect I'll be checking until the end!

georgiegirl15 Sun 07-Nov-10 20:27:12

Me too! AT least every time I need a wee - which is more often than not! Lost my first, had a horrible pregnancy with my DS - who has more than made up for it! - found out 3 weeks ago - am now 7 and half weeks and still in shock. been taking clomid and had a scan on 7th of Sept was basically told that it wasn't working so we would have to try something else!!!! Felt awful for a few weeks, did test - thought I could see a faint line but put it down to wishful thinking. Did another one 10 days later - it was positive. Had scan and told me I was 5 weeks and saw a wonderful little heartbeat! Will still check to the end!!

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