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Clueless Question Here but..

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LovelyKatie Thu 19-Aug-10 17:51:12

What is 'A Show'

I dont understand what it means when people say theyve had a show.

is it something bad?

I am so clueless!


parkj83 Thu 19-Aug-10 18:00:15

Hi Katie,

The show is when the mucus plug which protects your cervix for the duration of the pg comes away.

It's a sign you're close to giving birth wink

It can come away anything from a day to a good week before labour. Certainly it happens right at the end. With DS, mine was triggered after I had a sweep done, but I didn't go into labour - I had to be induced a week later.

FourEyesGood Thu 19-Aug-10 20:37:39

Mine came on the morning of my due date, about 24 hours or so before labour started with DC1; it looked like a pinky-red discharge but there wasn't much of it.

TakeLovingChances Thu 19-Aug-10 21:05:44

Some people don't even have one big enough to notice - they just think it's normal heavy discharge. Also, I've heard some people say there show came during actual labour when they were in hospital.

OP - don't feel clueless, we've all been there!

parkj83 Thu 19-Aug-10 22:26:59

Mine was a big slimey snotty horrible thing, it came out in two stages! There was no missing mine! lol wink

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