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DS 3.10 won't poo in toilet

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henryhsmum Mon 09-Nov-09 08:32:04

My son has been toilt trained since about May and doesn't normally have wee accidents now and wees standing up. However I just can't get him to poo on toilet. He doesn't seem to be scared about it just always seems to do it in his pants. Normally he'll say I need a poo but has already done it. he goes once/twice daily but at irregular times - sometimes it is on waking, soemtimes after breakfast, sometimes dinner time.

Any ideas/tips - i am getting quite worried now as he has a year til shcool but we don;t seem to be making progress.


P.S. He is possibly mildly autistic and is being assessed at moment for it

kcartyparty Tue 10-Nov-09 00:17:43

If he is autistic/aspergic then this is a problem they all have.

I looked after a boy with aspergers for 6 years, he was still soiling long after I stopped looking after him. He stopped when he was 11 yrs of age.

My own son who may be on the lower end of the aspergers spectrum soiled up until he was 9 yrs of age, he is now 10.

So if he is autistic/aspergic this is too be expected.

If he is not, then it may be that he can not quite understand why he has to sit to do one, and stand to do the other.

My Ds1 was taught to sit to Weee, never had any toilet probs.

My Ds2 was taught to stand and weee.

Makes sense when you look it from a child's perspective.

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