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fear of pooing!

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maxymoo Fri 09-Oct-09 15:15:43

Hi mums, my daughter will be 3 tomorrow, and has a fear of pooing. She has had 2 urinary tract infections since june and just been diagnosed with another form of infection related to these. She has been on 2 courses of anti-biotics which have given her thrush which we are treating with caneston and pro-biotics. We had a breakthrough about 2 weeks ago as she started pooing on the toilet for the 1st time and was so happy. she was even asking to go and I thought we had reached a milestone, then suddenly it all stopped and she went backwards again, in fact even worse she didn't want to wee, wouldn't drink wouln't eat.We have been to our GP countless times and she has seen 2 pediotricians nhs and private They diagnosed her with chronic constipation and she is now on movicol but cannot get over her fear of pooing even though her poo isn't hard and uncomfortable anymore. She holds it in until night even though I know she needs to go in the morning. She won't do it in sleep pants as she is potty trained and knows it is not what she does. I think she is so traumatised with her bits been sore, but I have run out of ways to help. It is so odd that she sorted her self out but has taken so many steps backwards. I have done everything, star charts, treats, talking everything through, ignoring, comforting a little bit of frustration! She knows exactly what she needs to do and talks about it all the time, but just won't do the action. I am at my wits ends and I hate seeing her so uncomfortable. It is like her life has stood still as she has become lethargic and doesn't seem interested in anything, which isn't her. I also have an 8 month old who is struggling with teething and I am finding it hard to tend to her as my daughter takes up so much of my attention. Any 'NEW' techniques would be greeted with open arms.

GhostWriter Fri 09-Oct-09 15:18:49

Very good book. Stocked by most libraries.

BlueBumedFly Sat 10-Oct-09 22:38:03

I have just ordered this book as we are in the same boat. DD has been up 3 times already tonight since 7pm (she is 2.5) as the poo is practically coming out (TMI - apologies) but somehow she is managing to hang on to it.

She always says she wants cream on as it is sore. She did go through a bad phase of hard horrid poo that hurt her a lot but now thanks to prune juice and lactolose it is fine and she is quite capable of pooing in pants without so much as a yelp.

So, WHY can she not sit down and try? It can spoil whole days of 'ouch ouch ouching' crying, moaning, tantrums etc etc. She is a bright little girl, has a good grasp of the start of cause and effect, and yet blanks me out totally when it comes to the subject of poo.

I really hope the book helps......

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