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when do you think it is time to potty train ???

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alfiechoosmum Thu 13-Aug-09 22:07:55

hi my son is 2 and 4 months and i think he might be ready to potty train but i just don't know, he lives with me half the month and half the month with his dad its hard at the moment but hopefully by the end of sept this will change and i will have him mon- fri so im thinking might be better to wait till then so i can make sure he is doing well, he knows what a poo and wee are but im worried incase i do all the work of potty training him and his dad doesn't anyone that has any ideas feel free to msg me thanks x

muddleduck Thu 13-Aug-09 22:16:19

I'd say it would work better if you have a half month with him to work on this in a block. IME after 2 weeks were were pretty much there apart from the occasional accident. Who will have the last half-month before you switch to the new system? Also it is easier in the summer when they can wander the house in just pants - fewer clothes to wash smile

BTW I did both my boys at about this age and it went pretty smoothly. Is he using a potty at all at the moment?

alfiechoosmum Thu 13-Aug-09 22:24:04

i have him 7 days then his dad does, i wish i could have him a full solid month but me and his dad dont get on lol, he has used the potty before and the big boy toilet, he also tells me when he needs and has done a poo, ive tried putting him in pants and letting him run around with just a t-shirt on and he uses the potty but when i go out i put him in a nappy i think thats where i tend to get worried at as i dont know how to go about getting him used to not weeing and pooing in his pants x

muddleduck Thu 13-Aug-09 22:34:39

Sorry I got the wrong end of the stick blush. I had a brain once. Honest.

Sounds like he's doing brilliantly well and if it weren't for the issue with his dad then I'd say go for it now, but maybe you're right to wait until you have him for more of the time.

My strategy was to put them in pants and then never go back to a nappy except for long car journeys and naps. At the beginning prompt him to try on the potty really often and then increase the gaps as he gets more confident. Gradually switch from telling him it is "potty time" to asking him if he needs to go. The tricky bit IMO is knowing when to switch to letting him tell you. IMO with fairly little ones like you lo this can take a while, bit this doesn't really matter as long as you're prepared to keep remindin him. With ds1 I stayed in the house for 4 days but with ds2 I was much more adventurous and just took a portable potty wherever we went. (Well worth buying one of these BTW). Also buy lots and lots of pants in advance and don't get stressed if he does have accidents. Also expect accidents later on even once you think he has it sussed. They get over confidenr smile

Sorry if I'm saying the obvious BTW.

Also there are as many ways to potty train as there are posters on mumsnet - this is just what worked for my dss. They were the same age as yours (but not already doing so well before I started the in pants)

Good luck [smile

alfiechoosmum Thu 13-Aug-09 22:41:32

aww thanks i know he is really good at learning stuff and im pleased that he knows how to go on the potty because it makes it lot easier for me to explaine to him. like i said im ok with indoors but its when we go out, my friend said that if i do this i should do all or nothing so like you said get a potty for me to take with me when im out.
i would love to get him sorted sooner than later but i really think im gonna have to wait till after court as i hate the fact that im doing so well with him and his dad just ruins its all with not keeping it up for him.

but thanks very much for your help its very usefull x

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