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SimoneSaysx Tue 28-Apr-20 10:35:39

Boy...will be 3 in September ...

Literally will NOT go to the toilet or potty at all. It's as if he enjoys running around with a nappy full of pee strapped to him.

Have went "cold turkey" on him and just kept him in pants for a week but he doesn't care. He just pees and poos the same in the pants as he would a nappy.. He's happy to run around in wet pants / with poop in his pants until we notice! Pants haven't done anything different from nappies except make things more difficult for us!

Any suggestion? Is he just not ready? He's nearly 3, how can he be not ready?

He's on track otherwise and he talks well for his age - just this area is a non-starter!

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Beautyoftheirdreams Tue 28-Apr-20 10:37:58

Sounds like he's not ready. I wouldn't prolong the stress for both of you. I have friends who have kids turning 3 in a few weeks who aren't ready yet. My DD was past her 3rd birthday when she was trained. My DS was 4 months away from his 3rd birthday, it's different for everyone

user1488622199 Tue 28-Apr-20 11:24:30

I fought with my son over potty training for ages. I started when he was 2.5 and it was 6 months of stress for all of us. He’s got it now (although still has to be prompted to go for wees, for some reason he’s cracked the poos completely) and it just seemed to click overnight for him just after he turned 3. I would take a break and try again later.

SimoneSaysx Tue 28-Apr-20 12:12:13

Thank you for the replies!

First child and not sure, but it seems everybody with kids same age is already toilet trained - friends girl was trained by 1.5!

I get the feeling he’s not ready because he literally just doesn’t care, but good to get others advice! ❤️

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NoKnit Fri 01-May-20 21:31:03

He's not nearly 3, he's 2.5 it is only 1st May and September is 4 whole months away. At that age this is a difference. Yes it sounds like he is not ready. Even if he isn't ready at Christmas still not a great cause for concern

IHaveBrilloHair Fri 01-May-20 21:34:48

My Dd was well over 3, but when she was ready it was done and dusted straight off.
One accident of each type and that was that.

IHaveBrilloHair Fri 01-May-20 21:41:27

Oh, and lots of people will say their kids were out of nappies at 2 days/a year/18 months/whatever.
Of course some will be trained, but most of the time it means they didn't wear a nappy but had to use the potty every 5 minutes and their parents washed a lot of pants!

Dontfuckingsaycheese Fri 01-May-20 23:20:31

Stop the pants! When he's ready he's ready and it will be a breeze. They do have to be ready.

SimoneSaysx Sat 02-May-20 00:58:49

I've ended up reluctantly going back to nappies! I will try him again in a few weeks to see how he goes. Even now back in nappies I'll say like "do you need a bum change?" etc when I can smell him and he'll be like "no" and happily run about in it 😭

He's a really good talker and he's tall for his age, so I feel like when we're out people will be talking to him and assume he's older and then become judgey when they see a nappy! Probably me just overthinking it!

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inwood Sat 02-May-20 01:03:50

Right decision! I have said this many time here, I potty trained my twins in two days when they were 3 and 1 month, because they were ready it was easy. I saw so many others at groups with porta potties, 10 changes of clothes for six months, it's not worth the stress.

Woodentopper Sat 02-May-20 19:47:12

I wouldn't worry yet, I've just put my 3.5 yo back in nappies.

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