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Stubborn 3.5 yr old

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Tigga2016 Fri 27-Dec-19 18:22:12

Our dd has been asking to use the potty and wear big girl pants so we have started potty training. She understands that she needs to sit on it if she’s needs a wee but she doesn’t seem to be able to register the need to go. We have tried encouraging her to sit on it every 30mins but she refuses. We have offered rewards (not food) but this doesn’t seem to work either. She is drinking plenty so we can usually gauge when she may need to go but she just says no when asked. Help, do we keep on with it or try again at a later date. Any advice for stubborn kids who would rather play is greatly appreciated.

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1ofeach2 Fri 27-Dec-19 18:38:53

My son would only use the potty if he had no pants on so we went bare bottomed around the house for a while until he got the hang of it.

Umbongo1 Fri 10-Jan-20 20:59:19

No advice but I am in almost a mirror position with my dad who is 3 and a half and also won't sit on potty....

Louisa111 Sat 11-Jan-20 16:08:21

I know how you feel I'm going through this at the moment with my son ( he's just turned 3) .. this morning he went into a rage at the sight of the potty and threw it across the room. Before this he would sit in it occasionally but has now gone completely backwards and gets quite distressed.. stressful isn't it confused

mummytooneprincess Sat 11-Jan-20 16:12:59

We are in the same position. My dd will not sit on a potty and doesn't seem to be aware that she is wet. Either that or she's just not interested / bothered!
This week she's chosen a step and a toilet seat, she's incredibly pleased with them so fingers crossed we have more success!

Tigga2016 Sat 11-Jan-20 16:54:55

Hi, thank you for your comments. We have a bit of an update. She wears the huggie pull up pants and has started using the toilet while at the childminders. She has done really well this week and with a bit of encouragement will just about sit on the potty at home. We decided to let her choose a new potty as the one she had was uncomfortable and hurting her so she choose one that looks like a toilet and is a little taller for her and has flushing sounds. Still have to push her to use it but it’s progress. Didn’t want to have to ask the childminders for help but they have been brill. She is slowly becoming more aware and will every so often say she is wet or she needs a wee or poo. I think she is just doing it in her own time and way. The usual tips just haven’t worked with her but we seem to finding our way. smile

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user1493494961 Sat 11-Jan-20 17:07:01

At her age could you miss out the potty stage and use the toilet, especially if she uses the toilet at the childminders.

Tigga2016 Sat 11-Jan-20 17:51:45

user1493494961 We have tried but she doesn’t like to sit on the toilet at home.

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