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I think my son’s ready, not sure if I am!

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reetgood Mon 14-Oct-19 13:37:51

Help! My 21 month old has started showing what I think are signs for potty training? 1) he says to ‘change nappy’ and 70% of time this is when he’s done a poo (he also uses this as a delay tactic when going to sleep) 2) another child at childminders has started to use the potty and he’s interested. We used a public toilet that had a potty the other day and he wanted to sit in it and said sit potty. Plus grabbing at nappies if heavy soiled.

Is this a sign to start potty training? I have NO freaking idea where to start :D plus we totally haven’t cracked sleeping so can I do daytime potty training first? Concentrate on him sleeping in own bed first? Or just roll on everything happening at once? So many questions.

Seems people on here recommend oh crap potty training. I like a good instruction manual, is this best place to start?

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Starlight456 Mon 14-Oct-19 13:45:02

Usually when they are ready for potty training they have dry nappies then full.

You can try him get potty out , when w change him put him ask him if he wants a wee wee and try the potty.

Days and nights are completely separate.

luckygreeneyes Mon 14-Oct-19 13:47:56

Doesn’t sound ready yet to me. Ideally he needs to be telly you before he’s done the toilet and for both wees and poos. In my experience it’s so much easier if you wait til they are really ready. However, if he’s interested there’s no harm In getting a potty and letting him have some nappy free time at home

reetgood Mon 14-Oct-19 13:51:48

Oh PHEW this is music to my ears, I was worried I was keeping him in nappies longer than I needed. No, I don’t think he’s reliably got the connection of sensation of needing to wee/ poo although he’s definitely aware of it happening. I’m quite happy to wait but might get potty out and see if he wants to try sitting. Gives me time to look into what I’m doing, too.

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reetgood Wed 16-Oct-19 18:30:35

An update- we got the potty down and he’s having a grand old time sitting on it and saying ‘wee’. I don’t think he’s connected it with actual sensation of urinating though...

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