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Holding it in!

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elaeocarpus Mon 02-Sep-19 21:49:30

I would wait, she is very young. i did it early with child 1 similar age and i regret it. We still have issues. It was much easier with child 2 between 2.5 and 3 and no ongoing issues.

Also, try just introducing the potty as an object in the bathroom, no pressure to sit on it or do anything. Then gradually introduce sitting before bath, no pressure etc. don't go straight into pants and going on this weird chair- that is upending her known wee world x

BurtTyrannosaurusMacklin Mon 02-Sep-19 21:44:28

I'm sorry, I have absolutely nothing helpful to offer her but my almost 3 year old is exactly the same, she has given herself a complete complex about the potty/toilet so I'm following with interest on this one!

kirsty1323 Mon 02-Sep-19 21:39:43

Hi there, first post as a newbie!

My DD turned 2 in June. Just before her second birthday, I booked a few days off work to try and potty train her as she was showing signs of being interested in the toilet. I bought some pants, knowing there would be accidents. She was fine, I asked her every now and then if she needed a wee and she would just say 'no'. After a little while I realised she was holding it in. 2 hours went by, when eventually a little bit of wee escaped. She panicked, started crying but I sat her on her potty and she was weeing - she did so well. I was praising her she had done such a good job! She was screaming so loud, I've never heard her cry like that before. But I thought it's best to just bare with it. Later that day, she needed another wee, but she didn't want to sit on her potty, instead my mother in law had bought her one of those seats you put on top of an ordinary toilet, so I sat her on there and she was crying so much, she was sick. I thought, enough is enough and put her a nappy on - she obviously wasn't ready.

A couple of days ago, I thought I'd try again. She was about to have a bath, I got her undressed, took her nappy off and popped her in the bath, when again she weed a little bit, sheer panic came over her and I sat her on a new toilet/potty we got her (it makes a flushing sound and a girl at work swears by it). She was holding it in. The tiniest little trickle came out (literally a couple of drops) and I praised her so much! She even got a sticker on her potty training chart but still, she said she wanted a nappy on.

She doesn't appear to be scared of it, because she'll sit on it willingly, but then stand up look in the potty and say 'no, nothing there'.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Maybe it is just a case of time and she's not ready yet but I just hope she's not scarred from being sick.

Thanks smile

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