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Standing up to pee

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MumScotland28 Mon 08-Jul-19 17:38:50


I have twins, a DS and a DD. They're coming up for 3. Both are fully potty trained. However, it's dawned on me recently that my DS doesn't stand up to pee.

Dad isn't on scene. Is there any tips to show him how to pee standing? Obviously me and DD have different equipment from DS so can't demonstrate to him.

Any tips and advice would be appreciated.


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Soubriquet Mon 08-Jul-19 17:40:44

Let him sit down to pee

You won’t be having a mess in the bathroom all the time

My ds is 4 and sits down to pee

When he’s older, he can learn to stand

DramaAlpaca Mon 08-Jul-19 17:41:11

A table tennis ball in the toilet bowl makes a good target for a boy to aim at grin

Lots of boys don't stand up until later, when they see other boys doing so. I wouldn't worry about it at this stage. Sitting down can be less messy anyway.

Parky04 Mon 08-Jul-19 17:46:57

My DS19 always sits to pee. He has never ever used a urinal!

MargotsFlounceyBlouse Mon 08-Jul-19 17:51:19

Sod it let them sit down. It's cleaner. Mine both did by choice for years and only started using urinals aged 8+ when out and about or at school etc. If you're on a country walk and they need a pee in a bush it's handy for them to know they can stand up and point but at home I'm glad neither of mine habitually do at 12 and 9.

EdWinchester Mon 08-Jul-19 17:52:53

Let him sit! Standing up peeing should be reserved for urinals.

MumScotland28 Mon 08-Jul-19 18:00:55

Surely he'd need to know what to do at the urinal?

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Soubriquet Mon 08-Jul-19 19:34:14

Course he won’t!

He will be coming in with you to the toilet for a few years won’t he so no urinal needed

Bourbonbiccy Mon 08-Jul-19 19:53:57

I would just leave him to sit, if he's happy to do so for now.

My son was out and there was no toilet so he went behind a tree, oh my gosh it was the best thing he had ever done, he was amazed by standing and weeing, and now tries to do it standing up in the garden 😳😳😳
He is told no, he must sit on his potty ( he's only 23 months ) so I'm hoping the novelty wears off 😂😂😂

sleepingbelvi Mon 08-Jul-19 19:56:51

Surely he'd need to know what to do at the urinal?

Surely by the time he is old enough to go to the toilets alone he will be able to work It out?

MumScotland28 Fri 13-Sep-19 16:41:02

We've had a break through, should have said last week, had to do an alfresco wee outside, he was a natural at it, it seems!

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Coldwater777 Sun 20-Oct-19 10:40:36

My LO is 2.5 and has recently started standing up. No encouragement from us, he just learnt from seeing daddy and his older cousin. I was happy for him to continue sitting!!

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