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Cloth nappy liners

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EastDulwichWife Sun 16-Jun-19 13:31:23

Sorry for posting here but I can’t find a nappy thread so this is as close as I can get!

We’ve recently moved to cloth nappies and I’m a total convert. Can anyone tell me if I can flush the soiled paper liners?

I’m currently wrapping them in a nappy bag and throwing them in the bin, which seems daft if the aim is to reduce plastic.

Advice appreciated!

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hellotoyellow Sun 16-Jun-19 13:35:48

You can flush them if your plumbing is up to it. Unlikely in East Dulwich tho... I live nearby and don't take the risk. The nappy lady discusses this here

EastDulwichWife Sun 16-Jun-19 13:36:55

Thanks. What do you do with yours? Some websites say you can compost them, but again I’m not really sure on that. Flush the poo off and brown bin??

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hellotoyellow Tue 18-Jun-19 01:52:48

I just dispose of them in my bathroom bin and empty that every couple of days. Currently breastfed only, don't smell. Appreciate is waste but a tiny amount in comparison to disposables.

RangerLady Tue 18-Jun-19 01:58:31

Do NOT flush them. This is equivalent to flushing a wet wipe and it's where fatbergs come from. All water companies tell you not to.flush this. I use fleece liners. The poo comes off easily.enough with a swish under the flushing water. When I did use disposable liners I just dropped the poo in the loo and dropped them in the bin, no nappy bag, just empty.your bin frequently.

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