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Boy always dribbling before he needs to go!

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Firsttimer16 Tue 05-Feb-19 11:12:15

My ds did really well at potty training in general. He gets through most days without accidents, however I’ve found very often when distracted he will start doing a wee dance, well remind him he needs to go to the potty when he feels he needs a wee (which he always says no to) and then a few mins later he’ll leak a little patch before saying “UH OH!” And running to the potty. We’re about 6/7 weeks in now, and his language is very good - he understand a lot - but I cannot get him to take himself to the potty before he’s literally bursting out!
Does anyone have any suggestions? He’s fine at nursery as they prompt him every 2 hour or so when they do nappy changes, but at home if I prompt too much he gets really annoyed and is less likely to go.

I feel like 6 weeks in he knows the feeling it’s coming and needs it take responsibility for getting himself there in time. Poos are no problem funnily enough - he’ll take himself off for a poo no problem.

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sleepismysuperpower1 Tue 05-Feb-19 18:34:48

we didn't have this problem specifically, more my ds trained fast but them 'forgot' to go until he was halfway through wetting himself. we got him one of these because he hated us telling him when it was time to go. whenever it vibrated (we set it to once every 90 mins to start with, then 2 hrs) he had to go to the toilet.

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