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anony Sat 02-Feb-19 12:49:38

My daughter is 1&half , but wont keep her pull ups on, she doesnt like wearing a nappy so im having to put it back on her every 10 minutes, ive tried putting trousers on to stop her but she just takes them off..

Im thinking of just potty training her now but is it too young ?

NoKnit Sat 02-Feb-19 19:56:27

Well I'd say yes but trying won't do any harm at that age

sphinxa Sat 02-Feb-19 20:00:37

She's not necessarily too young but does pulling off her pull up mean she's ready?

Is she aware of pees and poos? Will she sit on a potty? Can she hold her bladder and bowel?

Mummyshark2018 Sat 02-Feb-19 20:13:31

I'd give it a go if she has a good enough understanding generally. Personally I didn't potty train mine until just after 2 years but i have known some girls to be potty trained at that age.

anony Sat 02-Feb-19 20:50:38

Shes aware of pees and poos yeah, if she has even the tiniest wee she will pull the nappy straight off, give herself a wipe and put the nappy in the bin! Haha, i havent got the potty yet to try her but going to buy one in the next couple days, her understanding and talking is pretty good for her age

sphinxa Sat 02-Feb-19 21:22:50

Do it then!

DD was ready from about 18 months but I listened to "she's too young" advice and fought her into nappies.

She's been in pants/potty trained since about 22 months but in hindsight I'm sure she'd have been ok earlier.

I wish I'd listened to her.

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