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Ahhhh! Toileting issues taking over day to day life.

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Summ3ers Sat 12-Jan-19 10:20:24

I’ve posted a few times and I think I just need to let off steam.
My little man is 3 in March and has suffered from withholding issues for nearly 2 years now. Sometimes we manage to control it with Movicol and diet etc then other weeks we are back to square one.
I find that my day is taken up with waiting for him to go or watching him withhold and trying to figure out what to do next to relieve him. I seem to belong to every Facebook group going and have read hundreds of blogs etc from other desperate parents who are in the same situation.
We are currently going through a really bad withholding stage and I am exhausted trying to help him or find Drs who have a solution.
Not even thinking about potty training yet.
This is starting to cause me quite a lot of anxiety. Am I being ridiculous and just need to pull myself together?

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