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Doesn’t know how to poo? Or something else?

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Wwwomble Mon 10-Dec-18 20:52:48

Da is nearly 3. Just started potty training and is going ok with wees. We delayed trying because of his pooing issues- so this problem predated potty training and isn’t to do with not wanting to use a potty.

He has always done very squishy unformed poos. When his poos got at all solid he was unable to go which led to constipation. Even as a baby he had lactilose to help him, and we used prune juice effectively when he was a bit older.

Except for unpleasant nappies things were under control until he was prescribed iron last spring. He began pooing up to a dozen times a day but all tiny, sticky messes. We figured he was constipated so got some laxido prescribed. On this, he will do liquid/mush poo daily. When we stop he gets back to multiple mini soft poos. He will say his bum is full of poo and sit on a potty but doesn’t seem to be trying to push it out, or know how. We’ve tried getting him to blow bubbles but this sort of thing is difficult with him (he has asd but I don’t think that’s the main problem here).

Fairly certain it’s not overflow from impaction as the mini poos are soft and formed but not at all runny.

He seems to have no idea when he is pooing- either the big laxido poo or the mini poos, so it’s all in pants or nappies.

He wants the chocolate bribe enough to try, so I don’t think that’s the issue.

We could keep him on laxido and deal with messy pants, but I think there’d still be the underlying issue.

Sorry it’s so long. Any ideas?

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BedraggledBlitz Mon 10-Dec-18 20:56:46

Sorry if I'm stating obvious but it sounds like constipation.

How is his diet?

When my son hasn't had enough liquid intake he does the little bean pellet poos.

Try to up the drink intake?

Wwwomble Mon 10-Dec-18 21:17:01

I know what you mean, but they aren’t pellets. It’s sleays soft. Maybe it is and I’m just overthinking.

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Summ3ers Tue 11-Dec-18 07:45:44

Hi ya. My son is nearly 3 and is very similar. He has been on Movicol for over a year due to withholding. When his poos are mushy he is happy to go but as soon as they start to form, it’s as if he doesn’t know how to poo.
He clenches and pushes at the same time. He has also had issues since a baby and has prune juice every morning to try to help.
We saw his consultant a few weeks ago who has now prescribed Senna. It was excellent for a week but now we’re back to square one again. I’m also worried that there’s something else more physical going on and that his body doesn’t know what to do naturally.

CaptainKirksSpookyghost Tue 11-Dec-18 17:42:00

-It’s sleays soft.

That's what happens with really bad impacted constipation, soft stuff goes around the blockage.

Wwwomble Tue 11-Dec-18 19:05:49

Sounds like the same thing Summers. Maybe we just have to live with the sloppy poos and laxatives and hope the gut matures.

I know Captain- but this is just soft poo, not liquidy. Everything I’ve read suggests that if it’s an impaction the leaky stuff will be liquidy, not semi formed soft poos. Could it still be impacted?

I’ve never used so many poo descriptors in my life. 🤮

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Wwwomble Tue 11-Dec-18 19:07:30

He drinks loads and always has. Diet varies depending on stroppiness but usually includes a decent amount of fibre.

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smorgasborgen Wed 12-Dec-18 22:33:49

My sin has exactly the same problem. Its really frustrating. He has one or two days a week where he dies 6 or 7 soft/putty like poos that he can't seem to push out. In the end we are going through 6orv7 new pants a day and it's exhausting. I took him to the doc who suggested more water and fibre.
Been trying t get him t drink more but he really doesn't drink enough! He has lots of fibre in his diet though.
I saw a health visitor on an unrelated issue but mentioned it and she said he might b having too much fibre and to offer some white bread instead of brown and lots more water.
I have t say he now has a really big solid motion every 4 days followed by a no poo day and it results in one day a week where we are back to the annoying poos so there is a result. He is very pleased with himself when he does a big b/m so I know he's not doing it on purpose.

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