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What am I doing lol

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whymewhyme Sat 24-Nov-18 21:09:49

So LB (2 1/2 nearly ) picked up the potty the other week as it was in the bathroom when he was naked and sat down and had a wee, and as long as he has no nappy on he will wee and poo, he occasionally tells me before he goes or grabs potty and tells me after. If he has a nappy on he won't tell me and just wee/pops in his nappy as he would normally!

So my question is, what's the next step???

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ifoundthebread Sat 24-Nov-18 21:14:40

Dedicate yourself to a few potentially long days in the house and take away the nappies. Let him go bare at first, lots of praise (we did a woohoo x had a wee/poop on the potty song and dance 🤣). Dd was still occasionally waking up wet so we bought pull up pants for bed only, but as soon as she woke up she had to try go on the potty regardless of she was wet or dry then put the pull up in the bin. I found then wearing loose fitting clothes, practising pulling trousers up and down with no underwear was the next step for us, had a few accidents with timing but thay was expected. Once she had the timing down we took her to buy big girl knicks with what ever pictures on she wanted.

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