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3.5yr night time

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chloe1991 Sun 02-Sep-18 19:42:20

hi everyone, i have posted this thread elsewhere to try to get answers i am a mother of three children my eldest dd (3.5) still wets the bed every night she has been day trained since a few months before her 3rd birthday and nothing was rushed it was as and when she was ready. Since then we have been using pull ups at night time just to help with the transition of hee becoming a big girl, we have pretty much gone through every pull up on the market but they all leak and with 2 other younger children leaky pull ups is not what i want to be dealing with in the early hours of the morning when her bedding and pyjamas are soaking wet she is really skinny and lean for her age so pull ups with the absorbancy she needs are too big, hence they leak the issue we have is leakly pull ups resulting in disrupted sleep and me constantly changing sheets, her bedroom stinks of urine and the pyjamas do as well she doesnt like it and gets really upset by it and its not what she needs to be worrying about at her age. we have been to the doctors on many occasions to try and get reffered but they dont want to know about it till shes 7, uti’s she doesnt and hasnt had any, we limit fluids until 2 hours before bed, we double void her bladder before she goes to bed and we make her drink lots of water (no fizzy drinks or blackcurrent) in the day to strengthen her bladder (read up about it). im at my wits end as pull ups arent cutting it and shes getting upset by it all. if anyone has suggestions that would be great.

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tomhazard Sun 02-Sep-18 19:44:59

If she's not got the hormones to be dry at night then she's not got them. She's still quite young. I would forget trying to get her dry and concentrate on finding a best fit nappy.
Can you leave pull ups and just use ordinary nappies? As you can pull the tags you might get a tighter fit? Also maybe use two? Might help with the leaking

moreismore Sun 02-Sep-18 19:50:21

As pp said, it’s to do with hormone production so can’t be trained or rushed. I would do your best to make it a non-issue again and just use nappies that keep her dry. If you aren’t bothered then soon she won’t be either.

chloe1991 Sun 02-Sep-18 21:59:39

thanks for the suggestions we have put a proper nappy on her tonight (aldi mamia) managed to use one of her brothers which hes outgrown. checked on her a few minutes ago and so far shes been dry.

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