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Help! Is it time yet?

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Glassofredandapackofcrisps Sun 01-Jul-18 17:54:35

My dd is 2y 3 months. She is aware about pooing often tells me just after she has gone.
She sits on the potty fully clothed, says wee wee , sees me on the loo and says mummy wee wee and puts her dolls on the potty, but absolutely refuses to go on the potty without a nappy on.
What's happening?

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Glassofredandapackofcrisps Sun 01-Jul-18 20:19:01


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Emmafh3 Fri 06-Jul-18 13:41:25

Perhaps it's the feeling and a comfort thing? She's gone her whole life going in a nappy and feeling it there, asking her to go with nothing must be a bit scary.
I've heard other mums suggest knickers, it's still something to catch it all but it's a different feeling to a nappy
You can then try character knickers and teaching her to keep her characters dry and therefore taking off knickers?

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