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Potty training practicalities

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graysor Mon 19-Mar-18 21:24:01

I’m gearing up to start potty training with dd 2.4 and have a few practical questions that I’m sure there are simple answers to!

How best to wipe her bum? I’m struggling to communicate the squat posture I need to do a decent post poo wipe confused

How best to quickly clean the potty after use? Swill out with water and spray with antibac?


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moggle Mon 19-Mar-18 21:32:17

Have her bend over and put her head between her knees / hands on the floor. If she’s on the toilet stand in front of her, she stands on her step and puts her head between your legs. Either leaves bum right in your face!
Re potty cleaning, in our house if it’s just a wee it gets tipped into the loo, swilled out with water and wiped with toilet paper. If there’s a poo involved, or it’s likely to be the last time it’s used that day, I tip it out, wipe residue off with toilet paper and then wipe with a dettol wipe (wipe the residue off first so the dettol wipe doesn’t get pooey as it needs to go in the bin).

BellyBean Mon 19-Mar-18 21:36:07

We used a spray dettol (not surface cleaner) to spray after use esp poo.

Good luck!

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