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Two year old frightened to poo

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fuzzyllama Thu 07-Dec-17 09:07:54

Dd who's just turned two, has been potty trained for three weeks. She had a bad reaction to her nappy and was commando in the house and just trained her self for weeing on the potty.

The first week she was pooing on the potty, a little unsure but we gave her lots of praise, but sometimes she would stand up before being finished and make a little mess on the floor, she didn't like this but we gave her plenty of reassurance. Now she is withholding and it's getting a bit stressful, I can tell when she needs a poo as she will sit on the potty, screech and then get off, and this repeats. She will sometimes poo in a nappy but she still screeches even then.

So last night she was sobbing at 1 am and I went in to be greeted by a wall of stench, she'd pooed in her sleep. I really don't want this to be what happens, but how the frick do I help her ? I've got a couple of books on pooing which she loves, but they aren't helping. I think the difficulty is her understanding isn't great enough to explain to her that pooing is good and not to be frightened of.

Any one able to offer some help ?

thethoughtfox Thu 07-Dec-17 10:05:45

Could she ask for a nappy for poo times and let her poo in there until she is ready?

thethoughtfox Thu 07-Dec-17 10:06:20

Do whatever she needs to take the pressure off and try a nappy at night too.

CaptainKirkssparetupee Thu 07-Dec-17 10:10:39

Get her to ask for a nappy to poo, but take her to the bathroom to use it / change her.

fuzzyllama Thu 07-Dec-17 10:17:31

I'm more than happy for her to use a nappy, what ever gets the job done. I don't think she would be inclined to ask, so I'd have to be vigilant with asking or looking for the signs, which is the ovbvious answer, unsure of why I didn't get to that conclusion blush

She's not dry at night just yet, so she's still wearing a nappy then, and for naps, but generally she is dry then then unless she takes an extra long nap. I think my concern lies with the withholding and pooing in the middle of the night as she was so upset. Hopefully it was a one off and if I can get her to go in a nappy during the day when she's displaying signs that will get us through until she has better comprehension smile

marciagetscreamed Thu 07-Dec-17 10:26:41

Well done you, my DS was almost three before he 'got' using the loo!

He was also scared of doing poos, he used the potty for wees almost straight away but we did have pooey pants for a few days.

I kept a nappy on him and bribed him with treats, stickers, pingu DVD until he got the idea.

He seemed upset at the feeling of pooing into space IYSWIM? I did find myself giving him a cuddle with a hand full of loo roll pressed to his bottom on more than one occasion grin.

Try not to worry about it, she'll get there soon.

fuzzyllama Fri 08-Dec-17 12:06:05

Two days on the trot she's done a poo in a nappy, definitely the way forward for us for now. Hopefully once she's a bit older and has a better understanding I can get her to brave it sans nappy !

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