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Will she really be 18 years old and still in nappies???!!

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JustCallMeThreadKiller Mon 18-Sep-17 14:25:34

Another poster who feels like a failure as a parent alert!! Seriously have a bright little 3.5 year old. She just won't go to the toilet. Had HV round and tried everything. Bought Princess Polly's Potty, potty training in a week etc etc. She wears a pull up to Nursery. She goes on the toilet at nursery but won't do it at home. She's the only one in her class not in pants. Please help me! What are we doing wrong? She has the stools and toilet seats set up at home. If pants are even mentioned she loses it completelysad she won't give up her dummy or have a bath either. It just gets worse... confused

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LostMyLunchMoney Mon 18-Sep-17 14:55:35

gin You are doing nothing wrong.
You are not going to be waving her off to university with a bumper pack of pampers with mashed banana caked in her hair.grin

If she's anything like my DD she's just waiting for the most inconvenient time possible for the family - such as the hospitalisation of a sibling - to declare that now is the time for the potty and nappies won't do. To be fair DD managed it in one weekend and was reliably dry from then.
In our case we backed off and things (baths, toilet training etc) happened on her terms with minimum fuss once she thought it was all her idea.

I think rocking back and forth muttering "it's just a phase" also helped.grin

On a more optimistic note she's at secondary school now and her teachers tell me she's delightful and she's really quite nice to have about the place at home too.

Shadow666 Mon 18-Sep-17 15:01:14

My DD was like this. I thought she'd never do it. In the end I bought her some cute Disney Frozen pants and just put them in her drawer. One day months later she just decided to wear them and that was that.

TanteRose Mon 18-Sep-17 15:07:17

Yes, just back off completely. Don't mention it, be totally business-like with nappies, and she will eventually ask by herself.

She doesn't need to have a bath - she has a shower or something?

The dummy, I would actually throw away and go cold turkey. There will be tears and tantrums but she will forget about soon enough.

It's hard isn't it, you're doing great flowers

JustCallMeThreadKiller Mon 18-Sep-17 15:41:23

Thank you lovelies smile you've made my day. I was feeling so down about it! I'll just leave her my little pony and Disney princess pants in the drawer for when she's ready smile and breathe... yeah I'm waiting for an uber inconvenient time tbh!!

She hates showers and baths. It's like the water is burning her. Seriously 😒 don't know where the theatrics come from. It's not my side of the family 😝

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