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Support please :(

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DumbledoresArmy Sat 09-Sep-17 16:06:35

DS is 2yrs 9 months & no matter what we try he will not go on his potty.

In fact he won't tell me when he's done a poo or wee.

He's forward in everything else.
He'll even say when asked that poo goes in the potty. & he'll sit his toys on it pretending they're doing their business.

He cries whenever we tell him to sit on the potty. He will not entertain the toilet either.

I'm struggling. Any tips?

Barb04 Mon 02-Oct-17 23:08:06

Hi there
I am having the same problem. My son will be 3 in December, he is bone dry most nights and knows what a potty is for and a loo, but refuses point blank to use them. He cries so much when suggesting it. Xx

Msqueen33 Mon 02-Oct-17 23:11:22

He's still quite young. I wouldn't get locked into a battle over it. My friend did and it became a nightmare. All my three kids trained a month after they turned three including my two children with autism who were non verbal. I'd keep the potty about but don't make a huge thing about it.

DumbledoresArmy Wed 04-Oct-17 10:00:32

He's due to start nursery in January. I'm worried he'll still be in nappies for starting!

Msqueen33 Wed 04-Oct-17 11:25:34

January is a long way off. Just try gentle reminders and keep the potty out and around.

Smellyjo Thu 19-Oct-17 12:21:06

It's a bit late so hope you get this. Try reading the book 'oh crap'. I'm only on day 4 with my little one who is 21 months but it's been a great start and I've found the advice very helpful and common sense. It disputes a lot of the common ideas about just waiting til they are ready - it is a skill that you are teaching like any other and natural when doing something so new that they will show resistance, doesn't mean they aren't ready. She says 20-30 months is the ideal window and later is harder, as older kids are more aware of their capacity to refuse, and less eager to please! Good luck xx

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