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DH and I don't agree - WWYD?

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fairypuff Fri 25-Aug-17 08:06:56

DS (4 in Nov) has been potty trained in the daytime since May but continues to wet the bed about once a week - wakes up wet in the morning, not during the night. DH wants to put him back in pull ups at night but I think this might make him complacent and set him back. We use disposable toilet training pads and have a waterproof matress protector and I do the washing of all the sheets although DH is usually the one who strips the bed. Nappy or not - WWYD?

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Prusik Fri 25-Aug-17 08:09:01

Personally I'd put in pull ups for night. Some kids don't develop the hormone for night time dryness until 7.

In terms of conflict, keep talking until you both are happy with a decision. We had it with weaning my son and just kept talking it through

SleepFreeZone Fri 25-Aug-17 08:10:34

I know it requires certain hormones for children to go through the night dry, so I suppose I'm leaning towards your husbands point of view. My problem is I've never actually tried with my DS4 as his nighttime pull ups are always saturated each morning. I'm going to take advice down the line but right now I'm leaving him in the pull ups and saving myself washing all his bedding every day 😬😬

KarateKitten Fri 25-Aug-17 08:11:19

I wouldn't go back to pull-ups, but I would lift for a pee at 10-11pm every night. When any of mine have regressed and started the odd bed wet despite being fine for months that's what I do temporarily. I'd also seriously limit drinks after a certain hour. He only does it occasionally so I think something, like too much to drink is happening those nights.

zippey Fri 25-Aug-17 08:11:39

Do what makes your life a bit easier. He will learn soon enough. Kind of hard to stay dry through the night as you often don't know what your doing when asleep.

GardeningWithDynamite Fri 25-Aug-17 08:18:28

If he's not waking up when he wees then he's not "learning" anything by wetting the bed because it's not disturbing his sleep. I'd go back to pull ups just to save the washing. Do you know when he's wetting? Is it first thing or could he be wet all night? If it's first thing in the morning you could try going in and getting him up to go to the toilet.

Ameliablue Fri 25-Aug-17 08:20:19

Night time wetting is entirely different to daytime and you could still have a couple of years of this, so I would use a pullup for night time. It won't make him complacent because he can't control the wetting at night.

fairypuff Fri 25-Aug-17 08:36:19

Thank you for all your advice!
He's always dry when we go to bed about 11 so it's later that he gets wet.
I never considered the lack of hormone so thanks for that. I think we'll try a week or 2 of getting him up when we go to bed amd monitor his drinking later in the day, but will have a pack of pull ups on hand just as a fall back. DS doesn't want to have nappies on again, poor soul!

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KarateKitten Fri 25-Aug-17 08:43:17

My 4.5yr old would be pretty upset/humiliated to be put back in pull-ups so that's one of the reasons I said no.

TheBadgersMadeMeDoIt Fri 25-Aug-17 08:49:23

Had a similar problem with my 5yr old. She cried when I tried to put her back in pull-ups, so I started lifting her when I went to bed. Then I tried getting her up a few minutes earlier each night until I was lifting her only about an hour after she went to bed. So she gradually went longer and longer without a wee until she was dry all night.

I don't know if it's recommended but it worked for us.

hecticmum007 Sat 26-Aug-17 08:18:12

I'm with DH leave him in pull ups, my DS2 whos 4 wears pull ups and DS1 whos 6 only just came out of them but occasionally wets still, keep pull ups

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