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Failing miserably

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MamaG1980 Fri 14-Jul-17 21:23:06

We're currently potty training our second child and have been for over a year, turns out he wasn't drinking enough which caused constipation. He's now drinking enough and not constipated and going for a wee every hr, he even started to do all his poohs on the toilet, big milestonegrin. Everything was going great until he had apple juice, he started weeping every 30 mins or less, and poohed 5 times in 24hr. He's now getting over this but hubby thinks he's being lazy and struggles to keep his cool with him, which I know can lead to stress incontenance, which is what took my daughter till she was well over 6yrs although she did have a lot of outside stresses, several deaths, new hse and nursery. I don't know how to keep hubby from loosing his cool and what I can do to help my son potty train. Grateful for any help

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gingergenius Fri 14-Jul-17 21:26:08

Apple juice can be a laxative if it's unfamiliar?

maygirl27 Wed 26-Jul-17 11:02:23

Fruit juice is rather acidic and it may disagree with your son's digestion, MamaG1980. The fact that he pooed 5 times in 24 hours suggests that it might have purged his bowels. The problem is that when the bowels are affected, then so is the bladder. The important thing is that your son has shown some improvement. Speak to your husband - your lad isn't being lazy at all, and if he does lose his temper with him, then it is highly likely to make the problem a lot worse as your son will be frightened and fear will exacerbate the problem. Carry on and praise your son for every toileting success he has, but don't get too frustrated when there is a mishap, as it's bound to happen. Your little boy is probably picking up on the tension. I don't know how old your son is or if he is out of nappies, but if not, perhaps you could allow him to wear just pants at home and in the garden as it's Summer and to ditch the trousers until he goes out or when its colder. Sorry I can't be of any more help, but please keep calm - both you and your husband. It may seem that the situation will never resolve itself but if you are more relaxed, it will - I promise you.

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