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Malteasers and nursery

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Bellabooboo Mon 12-Jun-17 17:00:57

I am potty training my DD1 and so far have had 2 50/50 days- meaning 50% success of getting it in the potty.
I have been letting her walk around the house with no knickers and putting her on the potty and she's cracked it 2 times today, going up to the potty and doing it herself. I have been rewarding her with stickers and a malteaser every time she goes. She isn't bothered about the sticker to be honest, just the damn chocolate.
BUT she has to go to nursery tomorrow. Do I pack her with a box or do i let her get on with it? I don't want the nursery to be in an awkward situation as i know toddlers are like moths to chocolate or sweets of any kind but i am also thinking that DD1 will have to learn to go without any kind of bribe eventually. I was going to put this in AIBU but was worried id get flaming and come away feeling like the worst parent in the world!

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user1491810905 Mon 12-Jun-17 17:05:15

Our nursery won't allow us to do that. But my son managed really well with the different expectations and we rewarded him at the end of the day t home if he'd done well.

Bellabooboo Mon 12-Jun-17 17:27:08

I might just take them with me and see what they say. ill read the labels and find out if theres nuts in there before i take it on site. If not, I was thinking I'd make a book tonight and give her a star and the number of stars are there she will have that many malteasers when she gets in.

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