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BU to be slightly pissed off?

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Onemoresliceofcakewonthurt Sat 15-Apr-17 18:09:53

DS has been showing interest in weeing on the toilet for a little while so on Monday we started giving it a go. Swapped nappies for pull ups and within a couple of days he was doing really well; telling me when he needed a wee, weeing on the potty and toilet and only having the odd accident around once or twice a day when we didn't quite reach the toilet in time.

DS rang yesterday asking could DS stay over that night as she hadn't seen much of him; I explained that we're mid potty training and she said that was fine, she still wanted to have him and would keep up with it at her house as her DC were with DD and she'd be one to one -- and afterall, her DC were both potty trained at 13 months with no accidents --

Anyway, I picked him up this afternoon and asked how he'd been with potty training and she pulled her face and said he'd had quite a few accidents but was overall, not too bad. I was surprised as he was doing so well at home but took into account that he was away from home and it was a different surrounding for him. Although he is very familiar with DS house and was fine at DMIL's on Thursday whilst I was at work.

Since returning home, DS will sit on the toilet but point blank refuse to do anything, then as soon as his pull up is on will wee in it. He won't tell me when he needs to go regardless of how many times I ask or prompt and just seems to have gone backwards.

I'm now not sure whether I'm being unreasonable to be pissed off that since returning, everything from the last week seems bloody pointless. DS is adamant she tried with him and that he was fine but I just don't believe it at all and now am back to square one sad

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unicorn5629 Sun 16-Apr-17 19:31:55

I really understand your frustrations. When you've put so much hard work in and get that feeling of accomplishment it can be hard when a backwards step is taken.
If you sister doesn't normally have form I'd be inclined to believe her that she tried. It may have been the change of setting, or your son might have had a slight regression regardless. Keep up the good work mumma. Have an Easter egg and chin up smile

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