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Dd only poos in her pants

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IveBecomeSoNumb Mon 20-Feb-17 19:32:48

So we've tackled potty training. She can do a wee in the potty but always poos in her pants. She's shy and will hide to do it, when I catch her I put her straight onto the potty to finish but she won't. She holds it until she can't anymore then will go in her pants when she's not being watched. I'm quite good at catching this however Pre school haven't got enough people to be following her around to ensure she hasn't soiled herself and my Nan and mum aren't always as good at catching her. Any advice will be welcome!

She also had to take movicol for 6 months when she was 2 as she became constipated and since that and having to have a suppository she obviously has some phobias around pooing. She's now 2 and 10 months. smile

BaskingTrout Fri 24-Feb-17 20:35:36

I could have written your post OP except DD is still taking low dose movicol

sorry I don't have any advice but am watching with interest and hoping someone else does.

IveBecomeSoNumb Mon 27-Feb-17 15:58:56

She either holds it now or waits for a pull up to be put on. It's going to send her backwards and she'll probably end up constipated again 😔

TheLittlePaperbagPrincess Mon 27-Feb-17 16:06:23

Put the potty behind a door/curtain, so she has privacy?

raindripsonruses Mon 27-Feb-17 16:15:15

We had this. I tried everything. What worked for my dd was (after a couple of false starts) having a poo party . She sat, we chatted and sang. I got her to blow bubbles (real or imaginary) which makes all the right muscles work. Propped her feet up on a little step. No big deal if nothing happens; big cheers if it does.
There's also the I Love You tummy rub. Right hand side of tum. Rub a line gently from just above hips on torso to just above belly button. That's the "I". Then up and across to the left in a straight line. That's the "L". Then up, across and down the left side. That's the "U". I got this from a specialist health professional who was helping me with some innards problems- I have MS.
I think a little piece of my soul died while going through it all with dd. grinI have no idea how that plan worked. But it did. Good luck.

LexieB Mon 27-Feb-17 16:17:31

The Health Visitor gaves a little book called something like Mr.Poo goes to Poo land to join his friends!!! & a little jar of tiny treats eg button,jelly tot worked well.Its a phase it will pass

raindripsonruses Mon 27-Feb-17 16:17:43

PS - 50 years ago, my Mum taught me some Arabic phrases while I sat on the loo as a toddler. I just thought she was teaching me Arabic and we were chilling out in an unorthodox kind of way. Guess she had another agenda, too.

Onelittlepiglet Mon 27-Feb-17 17:07:16

My dd was the same - was potty trained for wees in a week but for poos took longer.

One thing that helped (I read it on here I think) was to put a clean nappy in the potty for her to sit on. This helped her feel 'normal' or more like what she was used to, so she could let go and poo in a potty. It took a few times for her to get the way it felt to go on her own, and then she could do it without the nappy.

We also talked about Mr Poo goin to poo land and how he wanted to go and see his friends!

Good luck!

raindripsonruses Mon 27-Feb-17 17:25:00

Oh yes! Nappy open in potty got us to the loo stage, as well. Dd would hold hers till coming home from a morning at nursery (aged 3-4 ffs) by which time she had got too bunged up for the nappy we put on her. Despite lots of water, fruit, veg, exercise, dilute prune juice. But we got there and you will too, OP.

Nowthereistwo Mon 27-Feb-17 17:27:47

There is a free app called Poo goes to Pooland. It was created by an NHS trust and good for encouraging little ones to recognise needing a poo and a fun way to imagine where it goes.

HeyRoly Mon 27-Feb-17 17:31:09

I would consider going back on the Movicol. At least if she takes that her poo will be softer and more difficult to hold in.

The problem with withholding, as you know, is that you get into a cycle of chronic constipation, pain and (worst case scenario) anal fissures, which makes the child more afraid of pooing and so on.

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