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Struggling with 3.4 year old

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HarrysMummy17 Wed 13-Jul-16 15:14:36

3rd attempt at training my ds age 3.4yrs

I've gone down the treat/bribe route this time after already trying stickers, sitting on the toilet every hour

Put a couple of sweeties in a pot, smarties/buttons/Haribo and stacked then all up in the kitchen.

Ds was very excited about being able to choose a sweetie pot and straight away yesterday morning sat on the toilet. I kept reminding him throughout the day and he kept doing a little dribble in the toilet.
In the evening he wet himself twice standing in the middle of the living room doing a big wee rather than the little dribbles.

Today he's wet himself 4 times and sat on the potty for a wee once.

He's supposed to go to nursery in 6 weeks! I feel there's no hope!

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britmuminoz Tue 27-Sep-16 04:50:13

Hey, did you have any joy? My DD is refusing to potty train, screams til she's sick if I mention the potty or wearing knickers. I'm at my wits end. She's 3 on Sunday confused

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