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Intolerance and Potty training

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mlrmummy1 Wed 15-Jun-16 17:31:55

Hi All.

Im a dilemma and not sure what else to do.

DD (will be 4 in August) has been under consultants for intolerances, is on medication to prevent urticaria as she was suffering from hives and swelling from the foods that aggravated her, she also had variable bowel movements, either seeping or constipated. She was suffering from inflammation from the foods she had consumed which caused her pain and upset.

We have had 6 months doing an elimination diet and the consultant suggests that we attempt potty training. Because of the variable bowel movements the consultant felt she had dysmotility of the bowel, so Im wondering if this is not helping the training.

Since cutting out certain food groups and reintroducing them back gradually, her moods have improved and she is a much happier child. We are however struggling to get her to use the toilet, when we attempt knickers she starts to poo but then it sticks to her bottom cheek or stays half in half out....they never just glide out. Sometimes she vanishes and hides behind doors etc when she feels the urge to go, other times she doesn't seem to even know she's done one. This morning at 8am she had some a small poo in the nappy, although wasn't a poo of any formation.

Does anyone have any experience of potty training after a severe food intolerance, or have any advice on how best to tackle potty training in this situation. She just doesn't seem to ever do a substantial poo, its always just small ones. This morning we have had 5 small poos - some started in the knickers and some caught just in time for a trip to the toilet, but they just never come out of their own accord when we try the toilet.

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