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Potty training help

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Cheekybiscuit Sun 03-Apr-16 08:43:07

Hi all,
Dd2 turned 3 a couple of weeks ago. We have just started potty training her but she is quite resistant to it. Day 1 she did one wee in the potty and loads of accidents; day 2 she did one wee and a poo but she was really distressed about this; day 3 one wee in the potty and loads more accidents.

We have tried bribing, read princess potty book etc and she knows what the potty is for but just doesn't want to use it. She has got a strong willed nature. Should we keep going or put her back in nappies and wait a few weeks? Thanks for any advice.

mellybythesea Sun 03-Apr-16 08:57:48

I wouldn't start potty training until the child is ready and showing an interest. From my experience (mum and nursery worker) you cannot battle a child into doing it when you want them to!

JustHelping0ut Wed 06-Apr-16 09:00:39

I found my Ds2 (now 4) a real pain, being my first time etc but my friend sent me this guide. From the amount of hassle and setbacks I had due to my Ds being very resistant, I thought 'brilliant! I'm willing to try anything smile'. Speaking from experience, this made the whole process a hell of a lot easier. Feel free to check it out.
btw there are nearly 200,000 parents who like it!

Sam817 Sun 08-May-16 02:59:14

I'm a professional potty trainer and suggest continuing with the potty training but with a different approach. Putting her back in nappies can reinforce her resistance and kids tend to be more resistant to potty training after 3 years old. The research says it's best to get it done at the right age rather than wait for the child to show interest, and suggests getting it done by 32 months.

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