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Very resistant 2.7 year old. Help please!

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BonnieBlueButler Tue 12-Jan-16 17:49:10

My little boy is 2.7 and is point blank refusing to even sit on the potty. In fact, he's never actually sat on it. He hates wearing pants and is only happy if he's wearing a nappy.

We originally attempted to potty train him during October half term but got nowhere. We backed off in the end as he was getting very upset by it. In the meantime, we left the potty out and talk about using it, but are met with total refusal.

He's been given a place at a nursery attached to a primary school. He starts June 7th. They have stipulated that he has to be potty trained. We are panicking now about how we will ever get him done on time.

We also have a 6 year old girl who potty trained at 2.2 years. She had some accidents of course but she was keen to do it. The difference this time is that my son is adamant that he doesn't want to use the potty or the toilet. Most days we find his potty outside the back door such is his hatred of it!

Please can someone help? I don't want to make him miserable but we are panicking a little.

Many thanks.

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Thundercrackers Thu 21-Jan-16 22:31:27

Hello- we've just had this situation too. We were actually doing quite well and then I took him to my mums house and something happened to spook him, I don't know what it was but, since then, he has point blank refused the potty and also thrown it out of the room into the hall! shock.
I've decided just to put it all away for now and not mention it for a few weeks and then have another go. He obviously doesn't feel he's ready and needs a while to take it in. A lot can happen between now and June- a reintroduction in a few weeks time might be met with more enthusiasm perhaps? Potty training scares me more than any other aspect of parenting. Hideous isn't it ?! Good luck op!

rumbleinthrjungle Thu 21-Jan-16 22:36:43

Might he do better going straight to using the toilet with an inset seat? June is plenty of time.

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