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Help! DD knows when she needs a wee but won't do in potty!

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PiperChapstick Wed 16-Sep-15 00:08:06

She happily sits on the potty when she doesn't need a wee and I can tell when she does Need a wee as she gets a bit anxious and starts grabbing her lady bits. However she just wees on the floor not the potty. Been trying for 2 weeks to potty train her and she has come a little way so far (at first she didn't wanna take nappy off or even look at the potty, now she asks us to take nappy off and fetch the potty). I just don't know what to do. I don't want to force her or make a big deal but I feel it needs something from our end to push her to use it when she actually needs a wee. She is 2yr 3 months old.

Also were in holiday in Spain at the moment and continuing training, were in our own villa and have just let her be in her knickers all day. MIL is here and if I hear one more remark about how her 3 were out of nappies in the day by 18 months with no problems, I'll piss in the potty myself and chuck it at her. So whilst I obviously have DDs best interest at heart it would be a bonus if there was a simple solution so I could rub it in MIL face show MIL that DD is a competent potty user grin

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