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any tips on potty training a child with speech delay

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chickenfuckingpox Wed 01-Jul-15 12:50:39

i think he is almost ready to potty train he knows when he needs to go he can't communicate it effectively because of his speech delay also i dont think its helping he doesn't appear to like the lip at the front of the potty ive got a chair style one with a removable inset and he takes the inset out and tries to turn it around! grin

he is my third but we just cant get over the whole communication thing we know what we want but what we get are puddles on the floor!

anyone have any tips?

Ahardmanisgoodtofind Wed 01-Jul-15 13:05:15

My ds has a sever speech delay, No language when we started and potty training was tough, all we did was take him to a toilet/his potty every half hour or so, lots of fuss, clapping and a sticker if he did something-anything for the first week or so.there was lots of running through the house carrying him and cries of "in the potty,in the potty" After that we gradually let him go longer and longer, always giving praise but only rewarding if he took us to toilet/potty (his only way of communicating at the time). We also made sure that we took him before car journeys and as soon as we arrived somewhere (supermarkets, friends houses)Just to reassure that there was a toilet if he needed did take a while to get him to go on his own-I originally potty trained him by sitting him down, once he was shown how to wee standing up it got MUCH easier.does he use makaton at all?this was suggested to us, but we'd already started down the path of repetition by then and ds was getting it.we also found cutting out pull ups/nappies completely helped, stopped any confusion we had a few accidents-mostly in the car or when sat in a trolley.
we had a cheap potty in his room, and one in living room,plus down stairs loo,so there was never too far to go,reward chart was in down stairs loo,so he could get his sticker after he'd washed his hands (two birds one stone)
long reply, sorry!!good luck

Shootingstar2289 Sat 04-Jul-15 19:36:45

I have a 4 year old who is severely speech delayed (didn't speak at all until 3 and a half) and has autism.

I got him trained day and night at 3 and a half. He was late, but he got there and he's been fab ever since - no accidents.

It was hard work. I worked out that he would do a wee around 20 minutes after having a drink. So id sit him on the potty after about 15 minutes with my iPad or a book and waited for a 'wee wee' and when he went I yelled happily praising him. He loved the praise but would wee himself if I hadn't sat him on the potty.

In the end, I let him roam the house half naked and would encourage him to sit on the potty even if he didn't go I would ask if he needed to go.. If I seen him start to go I would quickly run him to the potty to finish it off or to remind him where he should go..

After doing this for a while, he started weeing and pooing without being reminded BUT only if he didn't have trousers on which was a nightmare as he would pee himself with trousers on..

I used to sit his favourite toys on the potty to do a wee wee. He had a toy bath duck that filled with water in the bath. I would squeeze the duck over the potty to show my son that his duck went wee wee.

In the end, I just binned the pull ups as he would never tell me if he needed to go if wearing one.. I put him in pants thinking that id be constantly changing his clothes but surprisingly he seemed to get it and has had very few accidents since and none at all now.

I kept a potty in my kitchen and upstairs. Also another in the car to remind him when to go..

He went from barely being trained to trained really quickly considering he was speech delayed.

Good luck smile

Summer is a good time to let him run around without trousers on!

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