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beavington Sun 07-Jun-15 10:43:54

I really havent got the foggiest idea how to potty train!
DD is 2.5 and has very good speech. She 'hides' to poo and always tells me when she's going for one (so i stay away grin) but not so for wee.

Was off work for a couple of weeks when DD was 2.3 so thought i would try potty training then. I used pull ups and put DD on toilet frequently (live in flat so same floor and DD never been nonplussed with the cheapo potty thats been knocking about since she was 18m). Managed to get her to stay put by giving her a bottle of bubbles to blow but as soon as she sat down she would tell me 'it (wee) wont come out'. This lasted a few days with all wees taking place in the pull ups about 10 minutes after a trip to the toilet. I was wondering whether to continue thinking that my DD needed to have an accident on the toilet and she would be ok then, but she got ill anyway and was sleeping so much i put her back in normal nappies. Before then it was clear that DD was just beginning to get a bit fed up of the toilet trips tbh so i poss wouldve given up if that 'accident' didnt happen asap.

Anyone who has been there and done it, what would you do if it was your dc? This is the one aspect of parenting that i wish there was a straight forward prescriptive answer as im just not sure what the best method would be for my dd.

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