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2 year old refusing to go wee

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itsonlysubterfuge Sat 06-Dec-14 14:17:22

My DD decided around 6 months ago that she wanted to use the potty and pretty much since then has been dry and weeing in the potty. There was a week or so of her having accidents a few months ago, but that soon passed. A few nights ago she asked if she could also where her big girl underwear to bed and because she has been dry nearly every night for about a year, I said she could. It's only been three nights, but no accidents.

My problem is she has been refusing to wee at all. It's slowly been getting worse, over the past two weeks or so. Even with bribing of sweets/toys/ etc. she will not wee. Most days she goes over 12 hours without weeing and especially the past few days she's been waiting around 24 hours. For example, it's 2pm and it's the first time she's had a wee today. The previous time she did a wee was around 4pm the previous day.

We had a talk with the doctor over the phone and she said she doesn't think there is anything wrong, but if we want we can drop off a sample of her urine so it can be tested for infection.

However today she was very distressed at having to do a wee. She really had to go she was constantly doing the "pee dance" and you could tell she needed to go. She kept asking to sit in my lap and then she would jump to the potty, start to feel upset, ask to be held, etc. Finally we got her to wee in the bath with the shower running over her belly/vagina and she said that made her feel better.

She has also been increasingly clingy over the past few weeks. I'm not sure if this is related or not. She has also increased her breastfeeding and waking during the night. We were down to no breastfeeding at night and she has been waking 3-4 times lately.

I feel like something is wrong, but I'm not sure if it's physical or emotional. Just thought some other mums might have an idea. Sorry for the long post, but felt it best to get the whole story.

itsonlysubterfuge Mon 08-Dec-14 16:05:39

any one have any ideas? I've asked her several times if she would rather where a nappy, but she insists she wants to wear "big girl unnawear". I'm at a loss as to what to do.

Katie192 Sun 21-Dec-14 00:32:13

Hi, I know it's been a little while since u made this post but it sounded to me it could be a water infection? If not she might just be having a little panic to herself about being a 'big girl now'. The night waking and feeding sound like she dosnt feel secure or something is scaring her, hopefully she is better now but I wouldn't worry too much. Although exhausting she may just be having a mini identity crisis, not sure if she wants to be mummy's baby or mummy's big girl. Xx

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