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Poo, poo, poo (spoilers, it gets graphic!)

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Moondog13 Sat 12-Apr-14 18:02:31

My 2 yo DS poos tiny poos constantly. We're at 5 this afternoon only and the day's not finished yet! The record has been 11 poos in one day. They're always tiny or (sorry) skidders. Because of this he always has a really sore bum, even though we're changing him as soon as he does it, or when we're at home he has nappy off time. He's happy to sit on the potty and twice in the past he's done an enormous poo in the potty and we praised him lots for doing it.

He's too young for pants as he's constantly pooing and he's had accidents. I thought initially that it was teething, but it's all the flippin' time! I don't know if he's holding it in because it's sore, or if there's another reason. He's been eating loads of grapes, strawberries and prunes. We're trying to explain to him that a big one will hurt less, but he's too young to understand.

So, we're in between nappies (and lots of them) and potty.

I don't know what to do. Anyone else suffering this? Any advice? Please?!!

Geneticsbunny Sat 12-Apr-14 22:12:33

Have you investigated the possibility that he is constipated? I would never have thought to check it with my dd but I read a conversation on here and she has gone from pooing in her pants at least once a day ( sometimes 3 or 4) to being completely toilet trained in a couple of weeks. Turns out she was bunged up and couldn't feel when she needed to go. The only poo appearing was loose squishy stuff which was squeezing round the blockage ( apologies for being so graphic). Went to the gp who put her on lactulose and she is totally fine now. Maybe your DS is blocked and you are just getting the overflow poo too. Aren't children lovely. Didn't ever dream I would be spending a Saturday night discussing poo with a stranger on mumsnet!

PirateJones Sun 13-Apr-14 08:33:18

Sounds like chronic constipation.

Indith Sun 13-Apr-14 11:07:34

agree sounds like constipation and that you are getting overflow which he will have no control over. see your gp. They tend to start you on lactulose which imo does sod all. different things work for different people. fybogel plus senna worked for ds1. others use movicol. You have to get the blockage out then keep them going regularly for months and months to let their bowel recover.

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