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Whether to give up on potty training after an initial good start

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Chumpster Fri 24-Jan-14 13:17:42

I started potty training my DS (2yrs4mnths) about 4 weeks ago. He'd been telling me that 'wee wee coming' at bath time and then waiting for me to get the potty before doing a wee in the potty, so I thought I would seize the moment. Also, this was time that his sister was potty trained (very easily!) and we've got a new baby coming in a few months, so thought it might be good to get it done now.
Anyway, he started off very well. He would take himself to the potty and do a wee a few times a day (when he was just in pants), or tell me that 'wee wee coming'. He did have an accident or two during the day, but not too bad (although no poos in potty). However, after about three weeks of that he seems to have got fed up with the whole idea and how just wees/poos in his trousers. He will sit down on the potty and do a wee when his CM asks him too, but not at home. We gave him lots of praise etc, while trying not to make it too much of a 'thing'. But he just doesn't seem interested anymore.
Is it too early to give up, or is it better to give up and try again a few months time (maybe when he asks). I'm a bit loathe to give up as I know he can do it when he chooses. But would it be for the best?

roweeena Sat 25-Jan-14 21:52:19

I'm not sure but we are in exactly the same situation. Everything was going really well (both me & my DH discussed how easy it was!)

For the last week though DS is just not interested, the washing pile is massive as he is having so many accidents

Is this normal?what should we be doing?

EwanHoozami Sat 25-Jan-14 21:57:10

Maybe again in a few months, when the weather is a bit warmer so he can run around nekkid? Don't be surprised if he has a bit of a regression when the baby comes along anyway.

livingthegoodlife Wed 05-Feb-14 20:48:30

i don't know the answer but my gut instinct is to keep going. we started training just 4 days ago. we steadily improved until on day 3 he was taking himself to the potty and only had 2 accidents. i was so proud. then he had a day at nursery and today was terrible - so many accidents!!! he just didnt tell me when he wanted to go.

i was about to give up when we had another break through this afetrnoon when we started announcing "wee wee potty quick quick", hopefully we will improve more.

does he get rewards for going on the potty? i know its a bit controversial but i give son a sticker for just sitting on the potty and a choc button for wee/poo.

good luck!

KittyOSullivanKrauss Wed 05-Feb-14 20:59:39

I started with DS when he was a similar age because he seemed keen. Just like yours he lost interest, tons of accidents. Because we'd started, and because he was fine when prompted I felt we should carry on. I regret this now. He wasn't properly dry (as in, initiating going to the toilet himself) until 3.5. I washed a lot of pants and trousers in the meantime (thankfully he was ok with poo, it was just the wee). I tried not to be stressed about it but it did wear me down and this definitely didn't help.

In the end he did it when I backed off, his bladder capacity got bigger, and because he was able to better anticipate needing to go and (importantly) decided he'd rather go to the toilet than be wet (he couldn't have cared less before). Interestingly his sister arrived at the same time, and I thought there would be a regression but the opposite. If I had my time again we would have gone back to pull ups when he was your DS's age until he decided otherwise. We'll see what happens when DD gets to that stage!

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