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I think I may have cocked this up already :(

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ellesabe Wed 29-May-13 21:57:58

Sorry, this might be long!

2.6yo dd has been sitting on the loo occasionally (she hates the potty) for the past month but has never actually produced anything on it.
For the past couple of days she has been saying that she wants to do a poo on the toilet and we told her she could have a special treat if she did it.

So at dinner time she looked like she was about to poo and she said that she wanted to do it on the toilet, so off we went to the bathroom.
She did a couple of pushes and then said she wanted to get down but we knew that she was due a poo (she hadn't done one for a couple of days) and knew that she would be pleased with herself if she did it. So she stayed on the toilet for a while, occasionally pushing but it was obvious after a while that she was trying to hold it in and started getting upset.

We thought about giving up as she was still asking to get down but by that stage she already had some poo poking out of her bum hole (sorry tmi!) so we started giving her a chocolate button after every push.

Anyway, she was getting more upset and her bath was ready so we did eventually take her down, only to discover that she had actually done a tiny little poo.

Cue lots of praise, a special toilet sticker, phone calls to grandparents etc. and she was really pleased with herself!

However after bathtime when dh was drying her hair she started doing a poo in her nappy and wouldn't sit back on the toilet to do it.

I really didn't want to make this into a big thing and was really hoping to go at her pace, hence waiting for her to ask to use the loo. I really feel like I've messed this up though and that I'm going to have completely put her off sad

So...what now?

amazingmumof6 Thu 30-May-13 01:42:00

you did nothing wrong!maybe overexcited, but so what? you are allowed to be "going potty"! good for you!

maybe she was just too tired to try on the loo again.

maybe the nappy feels more familiar, that's all.
some kids don't like the "space" or "air" under their bottoms when sitting on the loo.
some worry about "splashbacks"

tomorrow just be casual about it and ask what she wants.
I would probably remind her how great she did before and that you felt so proud of her. but that's it.
tell her that she should say if she wants to have another go again when needed, then leave it at that and just not bug her about it all day.

she might go back and forth between the two for weeks or months. mine would use the loo during the day and nappies at sleep time (naps and night ) and for travelling etc.

I never really cared about it either way and they all got there eventually!smile

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