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Anyone able to answer my night time weeing question?

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NeedsTherapy Sat 11-May-13 09:23:28

DD1 is 2.6 and fully potty trained during the day. At night and during naps she wears pull ups and although these are mostly dry during naps at night she wee's.

I'm not at all concerned about this, she's only 2 and I'm not expecting her to be potty trained during the night too!

the problem I have is hygiene. She's very independent, likes tr dress her self etc. She doesn't like the pull ups and as soon as she wakes up she changes to pants.

In the morning I usually wipe her over with a wet wipe, but I've noticed more and more shes starting to smell sad I'm giving her a bath at night 2-3 times a week, but as she has exzema any more than this and it upsets her skin.

Should I be bathing her in the morning instead? is there another product I can use other than wet wipes that will clean her up properly?

Does any of this make sence? I'm sorry if this seems like a really stupid question, its just all so new to me!

DemelzaPoldark Sat 11-May-13 12:30:36

Bath in the morning. Really I think a daily bath is necessary at the potty training stage. Acid in the wee will end up hurting any exzema sores. Can you not add lotions to the bath water? Speak to a pharmacist or your health visitor who will advise whats best to use.

scarlet5tyger Sat 11-May-13 19:35:39

I agree with Demelza.

One of my LOs had very severe (head to toe) eczema and bathing him daily in Oilatum actually helped with that. It'll also wash away that old wee smell!

NeedsTherapy Sat 11-May-13 20:18:56

I thought I posted on this earlier, sorry blush

DD1's eczema is so bad it weeps and stings her. We've only just got it under control and I'm scared to bath her everyday again. We do use oilatum, and although it helps it still aggravates it sad

I think I will bath in the morning and continue wet wipe washing in between.

thanks all

stargirl1701 Sat 11-May-13 20:21:45

Guidance for eczema is now daily baths with additive. Have you been referred to a dermatology clinic if her eczema is that bad? We found the specialist nurse excellent at ours.

NeedsTherapy Sat 11-May-13 20:41:22

I didnt realise that stargirl. I havent been referred, we've been left to it really.

She has a couple of allergies that make the eczema worse but I'm really struggling tbh. I'm terrified of doing anything once we get it under control, then somethign happenes and its really bad again and were back to attempting to stop her scratching, sleepless nights and horrible red sore weeping skin.

Thankfuly its mainly on her feet, face and tummy. so not around the nappy area.

I will try giving her a daily bath next week and see how we go.

scarlet5tyger Sat 11-May-13 21:38:34

Hi Needstherapy, your Dd1 sounds similar to my experience. I suffered for a year before LO was referred to dermatologist. It took a long time to get under control even after that. We were prescribed head to toe suits, Oilatum for the bath and a strong hydrocortisone cream to be used every day. What helped the most though was an antihistamine medicine as it was the scratching that caused the weeping. It also helped him get some much needed sleep!

Good luck! Eczema is a horrible condition.

salvadory Sat 11-May-13 22:04:25

Hi I have a dd with awful eczema too and we use balneum bath oil and emollient and keep on top of any flare ups with hc steroid cream (initially though we needed eumovate steroid cream to get it under control). We bath every other day fwiw and her skin is great.
I too used wet wipes on my other dd in the morning after a wet pull up when night training. They worked fine. Again she was dry in the day way before at night, she's 3.4 and we're just sorted. Good luck.

FossilMum Sat 11-May-13 22:21:21

At 5 my son is still in nighttime nappies [sceptical], and so he still gets the old cotton ball and water treatment every morning - no skin problems or smells!

He has eczema and we bathe him once a week, as that's what his Dr recommended, but following his recent 1st infection and some reading on the National Eczema Society website we've started adding some Savlon Antiseptic Liquid to his usual Oilatum, and it really seems to help. It smells quite strong, but he likes it as he says it makes his skin feel better. Not sure if this is the additive Stargirl was referring to? You can also get alternatives such as Dermol 600 on prescription, which is basically a sort of Oilatum alternative with an antiseptic already included.

Brownowlahi Mon 13-May-13 12:58:02

Hi, I childmind 2 children, similar ages to your dc and both it seems at the same stage. Both dry during the day, nappies at night. One does smell of urine and is only bathed once or twice a week. The other never smells and is bathed every day. Both mums say they use a wet wipe when they take the nappies of in the morning, so I guess it is the lack of bathing that makes the smell.
I've no experience of eczema though so can't offer any advice, sorry. But I hope you find a solution.

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