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Dd refuses to use potty but now we've started potty training is refusing to do anything in a nappy.

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mmmmmchocolate Sun 24-Mar-13 13:24:29

Dd is 2.9. Started potty training yesterday. Thought I'd take advantage of the snow as we were not going to be off anywhere and I have a week off work.

I asked her if she wanted to wear pants and she picked some out but point blank refused to go on the potty. She can hold really well but after holding for so long she did have a few accidents yesterday.

I found an old book out about using the potty, we put teddy on the potty and gave him cheers and stickers and DD sat on the potty too!(fully clothed)

But nothing will make her sit on it without pants (she won't sit on the toilet either) and she's getting upset when wearing a nappy and won't do anything in that either..

She's wearing pants at the moment as she doesn't want to wear the nappy. Where do we go from here?

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