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6 yr old dd messing pants help

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daisydoodoo Sun 16-Dec-12 19:57:30

I wasn't sure whereas to post this.

Dd1 is 6.8 and has Bern potty trained for at least three years. However we still have major issues with her messing her pants. When she was younger it was put down to being too involved with playing and leaving it too late. She was always cleaned up whist being told it wasn't right and she should go as soon as she felt the need to go. She never wets herself and the mess is never a whole poo but very messy where she's been trying to hold it in.
There are no emotional or educational issues. Otherwise she's a normal 6 1/2 yr old girl.

I've tried reward charts ignoring her whilst cleaning up in silence. I have to admit I'm at the end if my tether as today I found where she'd been wiping poo on her chest of drawers and shouted at her. She was defiant though and not at all sorry.

Any suggestions? The health visitor who has never seen dd1 since we moved here when she was 18 months has not returned any of my calls.

Selks Sun 16-Dec-12 22:07:57

Has the doctor ruled out possible constipation - could be overflow causing the soiling. If not get her thoroughly checked out by the GP.

daisydoodoo Sun 16-Dec-12 22:11:57

She eats plenty of fruit and veg and fibre and does produce proper poos when she does go on time.

I've mentioned it to the gp before but was brushed off as nothing serious and just being distracted. I guess you're right probably time to take her to the gp to rule anything else out.


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