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Csimms Wed 26-Sep-12 12:38:27

My DS is 27 months old. The weekend I thought I would have a go at potty training him. He knows what the potty is and everytime I say I need a wee wee, he rushes off to the toilet, so he knows what the toilet is for.
I took off his trousers and nappy and he went into a crying fit and kept asking for a nappy on. I tried to distract him, but he cried even more when I showed him the potty. He even went into his bedroom and tried to climb up to where we usually keep his nappies. He then layed down on the floor asking for the nappy to be put on. He was crying so much that he made himself cough. I relented and put his nappy back on.
Do you think I am right in thinking that he is not quite ready and should try again in a couple of weeks.
Any advice welcome, first time mum.


ohdarcy Wed 26-Sep-12 20:32:53

i think if he is getting upset its probably best to ease off. could you put him back in nappies but still have potties around and offer at change time, atfer naps, before bath etc always making it clear he is having a nappy put back on after.

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