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Is giving up on night dryness after 4 days a cop out?

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bebeballroom Fri 21-Oct-11 08:13:49

My DD has been dry in the daytime about 8 months now. In the past 2 months she had only had 3 wet nappies in the morning so we took the plunge on Monday night & asked her if she wanted to wear pull-ups or knickers to bed. She chose knickers!

I have been putting her on her potty when I go to bed (11pm ish) every night for about 4 months so carried on doing this. (And I always take her to the toilet before bed) Monday night & Tuesday night she was completely dry & very proud of herself & got lots of praise. Weds (well actually Thursday morning) she shouted to me at about 7.20 & by the time I got to her she had wet the bed, not a problem, said it didn't matter & that next time if she was awake & needed a wee she should get out of bed to use the potty.

Last night she messed about something chronic at bedtime. Not running around or being naughty, just playing in her bed for ages. She went to bed at 7.30 & at 8.30 I went up to her & asked if she needed a wee & she pointed at the potty & said she had had one already (she had) but she needed to go for a poo in the toilet (which is downstairs). Took her then took her back to bed. It eventually went quiet at about 9.20pm! When I put her on the potty at 11 she didn't wee but left the potty there for her. At 6.55 this morning (I was fast asleep) and she shouted again, so I dashed in there (as much as anyone dashes when asleep wink) and she had sat on top of her duvet & wee'd, she was soaked, the duvet was soaked, the sheet & bedmat were soaked! The potty was on the floor 2 feet from her bed! She just will not get out of her bed to go to the toilet. She doesn't even get out in the mornings until I go into her, or try & find us if she has a bad dream/feels poorly. (She is 3.2 btw) I now need to find a laundrette to get her duvet washed & dried (we don't have a spare). I'm wondering if we should go back to the pull-ups & work on getting her to get up by herself to wee before going back to knickers?

Any advice? Am I giving up too soon? The first 2 nights were perfect, and I am by no means expecting her to be perfect every night, but the last two nights it has been after she has woken/stirred in the morning & she has been well aware of what has happened.

bruffin Fri 21-Oct-11 08:19:07

Why are you waking her at 11

bebeballroom Fri 21-Oct-11 08:39:55

She has a small beaker of milk before bed & can't persaude her to not have it, so I put her on the potty at 11 because of that really. She doesn't ever properly wake up, although is aware of what's going on, but goes straight back to sleep.

girlywhirly Fri 21-Oct-11 10:06:04

You could make a deal with her, either she gets out of bed when she wakes and uses the potty, or she goes back into pull-ups. Find out why she won't get up on her own, if you know she is easily capable.

Get a couple of cheap duvets to tide you over. It is possible to soak a duvet in the bath, and do several rinses, then leave to drain for a while. You then roll it up as tight as you can to get as much water out as possible, and you should be able to get it in a washing machine to spin. Hang to dry in a warm room on an airer and it should dry in 24-36 hrs.

If you are going to put her on the potty when you go to bed, you MUST wake her fully so that she knows what she's doing. I think that the wetting is only occurring after she has woken in the morning, so that is what you need to tackle. What might be better, is if you set your alarm for the morning and get her up to wee, maybe 6.45am until you can sort out this not getting out of bed problem.

bebeballroom Fri 21-Oct-11 10:48:37

That sounds like a good idea. <yawn> wink No idea why she won't get out of bed, when she got out of bed last night to wee! hmm

I have said to her this morning that if she needs to wee when she wakes up that she can get out of bed and use the potty. 'Yes, mummy, I know' was her answer.

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