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anyone elses lo not pulling own clothes down?

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pullinghairout Tue 30-Aug-11 15:43:53


Been potty training for 4 weeks now and DS is doing brilliantly with very few accidents, and he tells me everytime he wants to go. Even with a nappy on for night he will tell me he needs a wee and wont wee in his nappy.

Only thing is he wont pull down his own clothes, he wants me to do it, and its not as though he cant he just wont!

He does have slight development delay so getting this far has been a major achievement for him.

Will this come later, or is anyone else having the same issues?

girlywhirly Wed 31-Aug-11 13:18:49

How old is he? My DS trained at 2.6 and was only pulling pants and trousers down successfully 3 mths later, although I had to pull them back up. By 3 he was managing everything except bottom wiping, and was using the toilet alone.

I think you could try practising pulling pants up and down first (although not when desperate for the loo!)Put his hands on the waistband and show him how to push them down his legs, then pull up. Then graduate to trousers as well. Practice really does make perfect in this case. Make sure he only wears elasticated waist trousers, nothing like dungarees or tight jeans which are difficult to cope with in a hurry. Essentially this isn't so much a potty issue as learning to dress and undress.

pullinghairout Mon 05-Sep-11 15:07:50

He is 2.11

He is starting to pull his clothes down now, but he gets very frustrated, as he only puts his hands at the front of his clothes and they get stuck when going over his bum!

He struggles with motor skills anyway and believe me this is such a big thing for him as he has been delayed in every development so far!

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