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Do I or don't I?

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bellybuttons Tue 26-Jul-11 19:33:34

DD is 20 months. She has been reasonably good at reliably telling me when she has done a wee or poo in her nappy for a good few weeks. She will sit on the potty when I put her there and often does a wee in it, but certainly not all the time. She knows when she has done one in the potty and will get up and tell me. She does also sometimes say 'wee wee' and get her potty although as yet at these times she hasn't generally gone in it. This morning she said 'poo' and pointed at her nappy. I checked and there was nothing there so we got the potty out and she sat on it and proceeded to do a poo on it.

So, in October we are going away - my question is, do I bite the bullet and try properly training her now in the hope she is competent when we go away and I don't have to worry about accidents happening although frequent toilet trips might be necessary (which wouldn't be most convenient when queueing for rides at Disney!), or keep going as we are in nappies but using the potty as and when she wants to or asks until after holiday when she will be almost 2 and do it then?

I am quite tempted by option 2 of not doing it now, but also don't want to miss a good window of opportunity when she is seemly almost ready for it to take a lot longer at a later date!

MN panel help me please!

shouldbeelswhere Tue 26-Jul-11 21:02:29

I'd go for it, she's obviously interested and doing really well. I'd take one of those little fold-up potties when you go away and then she can sit on it while you're queueing! Expect lots of accidents and you won't be disappointed! wink My DS was like this and sorted fairly quickly and early but DD seems to take 3 steps forward and 2 steps back - they're all different smile Good luck

bellybuttons Wed 27-Jul-11 14:23:14

Thanks for your reply. I do really want to give it a go and try but I have so many excuses reasons not to!

Firstly, I am a childminder so it is proving hard to find a time when we can just stay in and try as its not fair on the children I look after, especially as it is the summer holidays!

I am also not sure how easy it would be to take a travel potty and let her go in the queue if she needed too! Can just imagine the faces of the other riders!

DH thinks we should wait until afterwards, but then I know that is because he doesn't want to go away with the worry of accidents or rushing to the toilet!

I just don't know! I think I might try and see if I can do it for a couple of days, see how we get on and then decide! Just don't want to really confuse the poor girl!

shouldbeelswhere Thu 28-Jul-11 09:26:33

Yes I can see your dilemma. I just went for it with my two, we didn't stay at home just took loads of spare clothes and the fold up potty - but I'm not one to worry about what others think about my child sitting on the potty in public. I do understand your concerns re that and everyone is different.

I found by being out and about the whole thing became less stressful. DD still has her moments but I think we're just about there now. Thank goodness for star charts!

Only you know what's best for you and your DD smile

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