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should i go for it?

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jobnockey Thu 30-Jun-11 21:46:06

DS is 2.6 and i am really ready to ditch the nappies but i'm just not sure he is, so don't know if i should just be more patient.

He wees on his potty sometimes, especially after his bath when he's running around nappy-less, and occasionally tells me when he's doing a wee in his nappy. He sometimes sits on the loo and wees. Poos are a different story and he's only ever done a little one on the potty although he was quite pleased with himself about that. Sometimes he comes and tells me when he has pooed, but usually he denies it (mainly because he doesn't like having his nappy changed i think). His poos are usually of the very soft variety as well so i'm not really looking forward to dealing with lots of poo accidents.

He's pretty bright and very verbal so i think he will understand what to do, and be able to tell me, but he is definitely going through a phase of not wanting to do anything anyone tells him at the moment (please tell me this is a phase anyway! i hope so!) so we're having to use all kinds of reverse psychology at the moment just to get him to put his clothes on in the morning. i have him in pull-ups mostly and encourage im to use potty/toilet but he varies in his enthusiasm and i don't want to push it too much if he's not interested.

We have a family event next weekend and i've been kind of planning to start training after that... I'd appreciate anyone elses thoughts of whether i might just make my life easier if i wait a couple of months more in the hope he'll be more co-operative then or if i should just grit my teeth and go for it.
thanks for help!

ps: also, he does do pretty much anything for a chocolate button so whats the deal with bribery and potty training?

wigglemama Thu 30-Jun-11 23:41:29

bribery all the way! He sounds ready imo. With ds I planned 3/4 days when I would stay at home and let him run round with nothing on from waist down. When he did a wee on the potty he got a button and lots of praise, sometimes he forgot to go to the potty and I would quickly put it under him mid flow! He would only wee standing up for quite a while and always saved his poo for when we put pull ups on at night. I kept a potty close to him at all times, asked him CONSTANTLY if he felt a wee coming and kept the choccy buttons at hand. He didn't have many accidents. There was a poo incident but luckily he was outside on the decking! I never put him in pull ups during the day as I didn't want to confuse him. When he eventually started to poo in the potty (which, seriously, took much longer) he got 3, yes 3 chocolate buttons! I say give it a go, you will know within the first day or 2 whether he is ready or not. If he doesn't cope well with it, just leave it for a few months. Good luck! xxx

jobnockey Fri 01-Jul-11 07:30:31

Thanks! thats given me more confidence to try...

Will stock up on buttons!

belindarose Fri 01-Jul-11 20:25:27

Your descriptions sounds identical to my DD, although I've never tried the chocolate buttons thing. Please keep posting - I'll be watching your progress with interest!

jobnockey Fri 01-Jul-11 23:15:53

Will do.... 10 days time and we'll be starting!

Pants shopping with DS on list of things to do...

BirdyBedtime Wed 13-Jul-11 09:12:24

Thanks for posting this jobnockey - your DS sounds just like mine. He's 2.7 and sometimes says when he needs a poo (like this morning when we were rushing trying to get out - I sat him on the potty while I put on his t-shirt and brushed his teeth, but nothing happened and of course by the time I'd put on his nappy, trousers and socks he'd done a poo). For me there's definitely a time issue as we always seem to be rushing around. But he is also very contrary like yours, and also loves buttons, so much as I hate bribery as a parenting tactic I think that this might be one time when it might be helpful.

jobnockey Thu 14-Jul-11 22:17:02

just to follow up on this thread, after 3 disastrous days of wee all over the floor, only 1 wee on potty and tears (his, and almost mine!) we are giving it a break and will try again in a month or so. All seemed a bit too stressful - i don't think hes quite ready so will let myself be guided by him. Thanks for advice evryone - will no doubt be on this board again soon!!!

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