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DD 2 ys 8 mths not interested in using potty

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Bumblequeen Thu 02-Jun-11 11:56:35

My dd now wears pull ups as we felt they were more convenient when potty training. Dd calls them pants and she likes to wear knickers over them.

I try to get dd to sit on potty when we are home. This morning dd said she did not want to wear pull ups so I put her in knickers and asked her to tell me when she needs to wee or pop. Potty was very near by. Dd wet herself when watching cartoons. Put her back in pull ups. Should I have persisted?

Without sounding shallow we have a carpeted house and I would like to avoid having to scrub urine from them.

At nursery dd asks to use the potty- probably due to,seeing other children doing the same. Dd informs us when she has done a wee or poo so perhaps she does not have far to go.

My friend took her son to the toilet on the hour to kick statt his potty training but I feel the chuld needs to be aware and prompt the adult.

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