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Just started training DD 2.3 - got some questions

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MrsArchchancellorRidcully Mon 06-Dec-10 22:52:32

I have just spent 4 days starting to get DD out of nappies (she's 2.3). It's gone really well and she seems to have cracked weeing on the potty - no accidents at all today - and she poo'd yesterday on the carpet about a foot from the potty and I'm pretty sure she'll sort it out.

I have some questions for those with more experience than I:

She's not interested in using the travel potty when we're out (potette plus). I think it's the crinkle of the liners. Would it be an idea to use it as a small toilet seat (as it can be used as both a potty and toilet trainer seat) when we're out or will that confuse her? When do we try to move from a potty to a toilet seat anyway - any tips?

If we're out and about shopping and she needs a wee, what do you do? Abandon shopping trolley in middle of tesco? I know that this seems a daft question but I am finding it tricky to plan ahead. Accidents don't worry me but I'm not sure it's the done thing to whip a potty out in the middle of M&S if you can't find the loo or are on a different floor to the toilets, for example. Any practical tips would be great.

Thanks - it's early days and all a bit scary but she's doing so well, I want to give her all the help I can.

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