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Embarrassing question - sex / pain

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TammySwansonTwo Sat 14-Oct-17 14:20:47

I had my twins my emergency section 13 months ago, pumped until they were 7 months. My libido packed its bags and went on a round the world cruise I suspect. Came back for a couple of days at 10 months then vanished again.

Yesterday it came back like a light switch being turned back on - from 0 to 100 just like that. Not complaining, but it's very strange.

Anyway, I'm having awful pain - not from sex itself, just from arousal. When the blood rushes to that area it aches and then feels like someone has kicked me in the undercarriage with steel toe cap boots on.

Never felt anything like this before - I find sex can be painful (I have endometriosis and adenomyosis, contemplating a hysterectomy) but this really hurts.

Has anyone experienced this? Did it improve? Would rather not talk to my(young male) GP about this!

Foggymist Sun 22-Oct-17 23:07:50

I actually get that quite a lot, always have, if I go a while without sex in regular life or during pregnancy more frequently due to the extra blood/swelling. Mine wears off after a couple of minutes, is yours constant throughout sex or does it wear off too? I never really questioned it, for me it's just caused by the sudden rush of blood and swelling.

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