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Pregnancy after csection

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steph0488 Mon 01-May-17 12:44:01

Just wondering how long your doctors recommended before trying to convince after csection and how long you actually waited before becoming pregnant again x

RuthB4 Sat 13-May-17 12:07:50

I was told to wait for a year before ttc, which I did. I wouldn't want to risk getting pregnant before that if i could help it. What were you told?

weddingopinionsplease Sat 13-May-17 12:10:29

Nobody even mentioned how long I should or shouldn't wait. I got pregnant 13 months after my EMCS. Monitored a bit more, would have been supported for a VBAC but I requested a ELCS and was supported with that.

steph0488 Sat 13-May-17 12:45:24

Thanks for you're advice. I've been told different things - my gp suggested 6 months but said she knows people who have conceived before with no problems and my consultant has told me that as long as surgeries are 12 months apart it shouldn't be a problem. Sadly I lost my little girl during labour in February so vbac isn't a consideration for my because of a very traumatic labour ending in an emcs. X

weddingopinionsplease Sat 13-May-17 13:40:27

I'm sorry for your loss OP flowers

I'd say the longer you leave it physically then obviously the better for your body. An EMCS is very different to an ELCS (my first was an EMCS, my second an ELCS and it was like a totally different operation and recovery, EMCS after a bad labour is brutal on your body). From what I read before I got pregnant again after mine there isn't a set guideline.

If your consultant is saying that 12 months or more between surgeries is ideal then that's the advice I'd follow.

My own c-sections were 22 months apart (sorry I'm not meaning to repeat my previous post) and it was never an issue during my pregnancy. A year between them it may have been an issue but you'll be under consultant led care and have more appointments and an extra scan so you'll be more closely monitored.

Best of luck to you whenever you decide to try x

weddingopinionsplease Sat 13-May-17 13:43:01

Just wanted to clarify why I was saying about EMCS being different is that if your next op is going to be a planned c-section then it won't be as brutal on your body (obviously there are risks as you know and as your consultant will go through with you) and the physical recovery will most likely be much easier x

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